London chauffeurs attacking Central Europe

After finishing our last but one meeting in the city of London our head chauffeur informed us that the forecast is looking rather bleak and that the volcanic ash may elongate the flight ban. We contacted our head office in Hong Kong to establish how we are to continue with our road show in Zurich and then back to Paris. We went into our last meeting and when we came out found that our London chauffeur service company Le Tour Worldwide has had firm instructions to drive us all the way from London to Zurich. This was the first time for most of us to go by chauffeur driven car into a train and under the water. I walked inside the Eurotunnel train only to find many other corporate road shows that finished in the city of London that evening were also travelling by chauffeur driven cars to all major European cities like Paris, Berlin , Brussels and Hamburg and some as far as Madrid, Barcelona and Nice. It was a long drive to Zurich and a very tiring one but it was well worth it to complete the last leg of our road show. Our London chauffeurs took us back from Zurich to Paris until we took our flights on Wednesday from Paris’s Charles De Gaulle international airport back to Hong Kong, Berlin and Amsterdam. I am sure the shareholders will not wish this kind of trip on us again too soon due to what it must have cost our company.
Yin Lan H.K.

Volcano stories

Le Tour Chauffeur car hire Worldwide (London) was on call over the period of the flight suspension due to the volcanic dust from Iceland helping thousands of stranded travellers get back to their homes in various countries and cities across Europe such as Switzerland, Italy and Belgium. Here are a few examples of happy clients that used our chauffeur service for the first time without knowing what to expect and most have stated that they would be happy to use this kind of professional ground transportation method again as opposed to trains or indeed door to door services such as black cabs, taxis and minicabs who proved to be very expensive and not having got the right approach or attitude.

When in Rome

I thought the ban would only be for a few hours on the Thursday and expected my flight from London’s Heathrow airport to Rome to be on time the next day only to be faced with continuous extensions of this ban way into past my scheduled departure. I realised that I had to make a decision then to get back to my family in another way. I called a few Taxi companies as a first thought but they were not very helpful so I called one of the London chauffeur companies who told me they would charge by hours and miles and their guesstimate would be no less than �4800.00. I knew it would be an expensive ride but I didn’t think it would be this expensive. I then called Le Tour Chauffeur Worldwide who seemed to be almost expecting my call. They explained that because they had their chauffeurs all over Europe they were able to give me a fixed price which was very reasonable in comparison and included all the tolls and channel crossings. I booked that straight away and 12 hours later we were in Bern Switzerland for a break and it took another 9 hours for me to be reunited with my family. It was not something i would have ever thought i would experience but the smooth driving of my chauffeur and the comfortable Mercedes Benz made it fell just like a few hours. Thank you Le Tour Worldwide for all your help yesterday.
Antonia Ravinelli , Roma

Birmingham DJ wanted in Dubai………….for a gig that has been booked two months ago

My sister who is also my PA found this chauffeur company in London just off the M1 motorway who gave us a price of �650.00 for a car from their office to Amsterdam , the only airport that could connect us to catch our party in Dubai on time. The only condition was that I would come down from Birmingham to their office in good time that night so we can go across and the driver would rest for a few hours to bring back a client from Amsterdam to London. We left their office just before midnight and although the chauffeur refused us drinking in the car he stopped for us in the Whitechapel East End of London to get some food, man we were starving. I slept for most of the journey and judging by the time we made it the chauffeur who was very competent on the continent must have been doing over 140 MPH at some stage. Cool man. We were given the choice of either a Mercedes Benz S500L or the C63 AMG……….you know which one we had to go for man and the rest is history. My client in Dubai was very impressed.
DJ Sweet , DJ Torzo Birmingham

17 days on the move

Listening to the news from Sydney Australia 5 days before my departure I had a feeling that this is not going to be over in a flash. My airline would not give me any firm commitments as to when they will be flying again so I had to start making my own plans as to how to get back to Cardiff , South Wales. I managed to get a seat on a flight to Athens and a connection from there to Madrid. I instructed my office to book me a chauffeur from Madrid to bring me back to London’s Gatwick airport to collect my car. The driver was at Madrid International airport upon my arrival with a Mercedes Benz C63 AMG all geared up for the journey ahead. We drove all the way to Paris and stopped just near Charles De Gaulle airport for a few hours sleep and then we carried on to Calais to take the Eurotunnell into the UK. Bill was an extremely skilful driver navigating through the twisty roads of St Sebastian and the P�riph�rique around the city of Paris. It was well worth the fee to be back at work on Monday the 26th.
MM Cardiff

Mother with four kids stuck in Zurich

Our hotel in central Zurich was getting busier with people coming back from the airport since there were no flights landing in the UK anymore for the very near future so many people were making various alternative travel arrangements which would have been just impossible for me with my four children. I decided to take control of the situation no matter what. I called a Zurich chauffeur company who had only one chauffeur left available for the next 10 hours or so and this driver did not have his passport to go across into Folkestone but I was still undeterred so I decided to take him with his Mercedes Benz Viano before someone booked him. I made a few calls en route and arranged with the London based Le Tour chauffeurs to meet us in Calais for a swap of cars. We stayed in contact with Le Tour and they dispatched a car from London as soon as we cleared the boundaries of Paris. The driver picked us up in another Mercedes Benz Viano identical to the one from Switzerland and we were on our way home.Boy was I happy to see the signs for London and more so when I was dropped off in Ascot just before midnight after a 15 hour journey.
Mrs J Blackmore , Ascot Surrey