Private Hire


London is a very big and overwhelming city with so  much to see that cannot be seen in a short amount of time and therefore many people opt out for the best ground transportation method known to mankind;  a chauffeur service.

Over the years we have supplied our London based chauffeur driven cars for many diverse events and functions but the most commonly known usages for chauffeur driven cars in London must be the theatre restaurant trip and the evening hire. It is advisable to book your chauffer driven car early when going to events in and around London such as Wimbledon, football cup finals, Henley Regatta and the Cartier international Polo.

Other events include the Chelsea flower show, Farnborough air show and of course Royal Ascot.
When visiting most of these events you will be surprised as to how many chauffeur driven cars are in the various car parks and many of these would have come from London for the day. It is essential to choose the right chauffeur driven car for a particular event and here at Le Tour Chauffeur Car Hire London we will be more than happy to advise and suggest to you the car that fits your needs and budget. We recommend booking very early for these events to avoid disappointment on the day resulting in getting a chauffeur driven car or service that does not suit the requirements of the passengers and is closer to being a minicab or car service.

Please find a list of our recommendations based solely on what we have supplied to clients before. If you cannot see what you want then please do not hesitate to contact us for a wider choice.
Our Private Hire Recommendations
Rolls Royce Phantom
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The Rolls Royce Phantom is both individual and feels every inch the pinnacle of British-built luxury. Its appearance is certainly imposing, but may be too heavy-handed for some, but it travels with an unrivalled elegance and style. It is a 'motor car' in the great Rolls-Royce tradition with a long list of options with which to personalise the vehicle, it has a surprising turn of speed and can be controlled with a level of precision that belies its size. If you want the best car in the world, we couldn't argue against choosing a Phantom