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London Chauffeur Hire – London Airport Transfer

London Chauffeur Hire has a wide range of possible uses from private function and wedding car hire to airport Chauffeur Car Hire. Regardless of the reason for needing a London chauffeur car hire service you should look for the best possible combination of car and chauffeur as well as availability and rates; this way you can enjoy excellent quality chauffeur hire without having to pay over the odds. At Le Tour chauffeur car hire we have a range of functional and prestigious models as well as highly skilled and experienced chauffeurs offering all of our clients the chauffeur hire experience they expect.

Wedding Car Hire

On your special day, everything should be just perfect and exactly how you envisaged. With a selection of prestigious, luxury cars like the Rolls Royce Phantom or the Maybach as well as courteous, friendly, and well presented chauffeurs we offer the complete wedding car hire package. The Le Tour wedding car hire service also includes access to more functional vehicles that can accommodate larger wedding parties or can be used to get any guest or visitor to the venue on time and relaxed. This combination makes us one of the leading wedding car hire services in London.

Private Functions

Whether it’s an anniversary or a birthday party, chauffeur car hire presents the ideal opportunity to arrive and leave in style. Skilled and knowledgeable chauffeur hire allows you to arrive at the venue for your event on time and without having to rush. A wide selection of chauffeur car hire vehicles further gives you complete flexibility over your London Chauffeur package. Whether you’re booking for yourself or for another guest you can enjoy the same incredible services. We offer much more than a wedding car hire service.

Airport Chauffeur Car Hire

Gatwick, Heathrow Airport transfers and airport pick ups using our Chauffeur Car Hire service allow you to continue or end your journey in comfort and style. Airport taxis can be notoriously difficult to pin down, especially during peak or unusual hours. Book a chauffeur hire service and you will be privileged to enjoy a luxurious journey at surprisingly inexpensive prices. A skilled London chauffeur will ensure that they know your arrival time well in advance and can even advise you on the best time to leave for your departure flight.

See London In Style

London is one of the most culturally diverse cities in Europe and is rich in history and heritage. Finding your way around to see the major sights can prove a daunting prospect; using a London chauffeur hire service allows you to see everything that London has to offer while enjoying it from the serene confines of a luxury vehicle. Whether you’re travelling alone, as a family, or with a group of friends to see the capital a London chauffeur can be on hand to answer your questions and provide advice whenever you feel you would benefit from it. They also have first hand experience of the most desirable and less busy routes to take.

The Le Tour Limousine Fleet

At Le Tour we pride ourselves on offering the full London chauffeur car hire and wedding car hire service. This includes access to one of the most extensive and impressive collections of cars. From prestige models that offer vast room for a small number of passengers to larger executive people carriers that can be customised to allow conference seating and the addition of laptop tables and more our fleet of chauffeur car hire vehicles has everything you need to ensure that your time in London is an idyllic and enjoyable one.

Experienced Chauffeur Hire

Another important aspect of London chauffeur car hire, and an aspect that you shouldn’t overlook when choosing a London chauffeur hire service or wedding car hire service is the chauffeur. Experienced chauffeurs that have an extensive level of knowledge of the local area can help ensure that you are collected on time, enjoy the journey, and arrive in a timely fashion. They will also be polite, courteous, and highly skilled in driving the chauffeur car hire vehicle that you select from our extensive fleet.

Le Tour London Chauffeur Hire

Le Tour London chauffeur car hire is dedicated to the provision of quality throughout our service. From chauffeur to luxury vehicle and from private function to wedding car hire as well as customer service we endeavour to provide the very highest quality that you would expect from a London chauffeur hire and wedding car hire service. In the same way, we expect all of our chauffeurs to offer the same level of professionalism and also ensure that our limousines and luxury vehicles are kept in equally top condition.

Executive Chauffeur Services From Le TourLe Tour London provides customers with access to competitively priced executive chauffeur hire. Ideal for London Airport Transfer services or as wedding transport or for corporate roadshows, we offer an extensive selection of great looking, convenient, and luxurious limousine models driven by hand-picked and highly skilled chauffeurs. Whatever your limousine and chauffeur needs, we can meet and exceed them.

Executive Chauffeur Hire For Corporate Roadshows

Business meetings, major corporate events, and corporate roadshows often require executive chauffeur hire services. Luxury vehicles like the E Class, S Class, or Viano models from Mercedes Benz are among the most popular choice for business use because they combine great looks with convenience, comfort, and practicality. By including a professional chauffeur that can take you on a tour of the most prestigious spots in London, you can make sure your trip to London provides you exactly the outcome you want.

Wedding Transport

Wedding transport is just one critical ingredient in the big day, but it is a very important piece of that jigsaw. Wedding transport needs to look incredible while also being functional, especially in the case of the main car that will be used by the bride and her wedding party. Cars like the Rolls Royce Phantom and Bentley Arnage are very popular choices as wedding transport limousines.

London Airport Transfer

Gatwick and Heathrow are two of the busiest and most populous airports in Europe. Millions of business and pleasure trippers pass through these airports every month and if you rely on public service or taxi rides when you land then you will have to compete with all of these people. London airport transfer services from Le Tour are convenient, professional, and extremely comfortable and luxurious.

Le Tour Executive Chauffeur Driven Limousine Examples

  • Mercedes Benz S Class – The S Class from Mercedes Benz is essentially a slightly longer version of the massively popular E Class. It is very popular with business users because it offers style and practicality in abundance.
  • Mercedes Benz V Class (VIano) – The Viano, or V Class Mercedes Benz is perhaps the only limousine people carrier and is another very popular choice for use with an executive chauffeur service. Seating and convenient tables can be arranged and altered to offer families or larger groups of businessmen all the space they need for luggage, laptops, and any other items.

Le Tour London Airport Transfer And More

Le Tour London provides professional executive chauffeur hire as well as luxury limousines. Ideal for London airport transfers or for personal use as wedding transport, our competitively priced packages can be tailored to meet your exact requirements. Contact us today to discuss your needs in greater detail or, alternatively, fill in the quote request form to receive a no obligation quote.

Executive Chauffeur Hire From Le Tour

London is one of the most incredible cities in the world, with a wealth of business and personal venues to visit. A short stay typically proves to be too short for most visitors because there’s just so much to see and do but however long you’re planning on staying and whatever the reason for your visitor, executive chauffeur hire services from Le Tour offer comfort, convenience, practicality, and luxury in one package. As well as a professional executive chauffeur you also enjoy access to any of our extensive fleet of luxury limousines.

Airport Transfers

Heathrow airport transfer and Gatwick chauffeur transfer services are very popular choices for London bound visitors. They provide a convenient means to unwind and relax after a tiresome flight, and they also provide a great way to travel to the airport once your stay reaches its climax. Heathrow airport transfer services are our most popular service, although Gatwick chauffeur transfers are also very popular with business and personal users.

Private Executive Chauffeur Hire

Private functions can include anything from wedding parties to surprise anniversary parties, or even a romantic dinner for two. By using the Le Tour executive chauffeur hire service you can add extra gleam to an already prestigious event. You will be bound to make an impact if you pull up in a Rolls Royce Phantom driven by one of our executive chauffeurs.

Wedding Transport

Our more luxurious wedding transport cars include the Rolls Royce Phantom and the Bentley Arnage but if you like a bit of power and modern class to back up the luxurious interior then the Bentley Continental Flying Spur is the superior choice. Wedding transport can be booked for the bride and her party as well as the other guests of honour.

  • Rolls Royce Phantom – The Rolls Royce Phantom offers the utmost in luxury and striking looks. Graced by royalty, massive superstars, and the occasional dignitary there is no greater way to make a grand entrance and no more comfortable way of seeing the sights of London.
  • Bentley Arnage – The Bentley Arnage is another high end luxury limousine that truly looks the part. Often mistaken for the Silver Seraph from Rolls Royce, it exudes class from every angle and is a definite head turner in any city.
  • Bentley Continental Flying Spur – The Continental Flying Spur from Bentley offers a lot of the luxury of the other two prestige limousines but it has masses of power to boot. Designed specifically with the rear passenger in mind, the Flying Spur is a joy to ride in.


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Le Tour offers luxury limousines and executive chauffeur hire for any purpose including wedding transport and Gatwick chauffeur transfer services. Take a look at the limousines in our fleet or call us to ask any questions about the limousines we have and which would be most suitable for your needs. Alternatively, use our online quote request form to request a no obligation quote today.


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