Berlin Mercedes Benz S class (Sedan)

Berlin Chauffer Driven Mercedes Benz S Class

Mercedes Benz S class (Sedan)

sclassThe Mercedes Benz S class has been transporting clients whether it be for airport transfers, private hire, city tours or business roadshows  with discretion and in luxury it seems since chauffeur limousine services began. Favored for its extreme creature comforts, elegance and dependability, it has a large and  increasingly growing list of admiring clients including Music and Film stars, CEO’s , Politicians, Company directors, Statesman and noble dignitaries alike.

Other manufacturers like Audi, Lexus and BMW have since jumped on the bandwagon to build the best chauffeur driven Saloon  but in our opinion and that of most motoring journalists and community , Mercedes Benz have always stayed miles ahead of the rest.

Even when it came down to car price the  opposition manufacturers prices were around 20% less than that of the Mercedes  Benz, yet the Stuttgart born motoring legend still remains the best seller all over the world.

Our Berlin clients much prefer this comfortable chauffeur sedan over the much more expensive Bentley and Rolls Royce because of the seating position and the actual orthopedic seats which are unmatched by manufacturers such as BMW or Lexus.

We class the Mercedes S Class as the ultimate chauffeur motor car and give it an undisputable 5 star grading and best value for money. The versatility of the S Class is unmatched, from daily Berlin Airport Transfers to escorting dignitaries and royals around Berlin this car has the lot discretion, integrity, reliability and style.

The discontinued Mercedes Benz S class (W220 series) may not have been the best in comparison to previous models but it did everything pretty well and nothing particularly badly.

Then came the new Mercedes Benz S class (W221 series) and all the rules were forever changed. Often referred to as the Baby Maybach, the new Mercedes Benz S class ( W222)  is just the nearest to perfection a chauffeur limousine car can get to. Everything has grown a little and not for the worse either. The Mercedes Benz S class is back. And it is crowned to be the king for many years to come.

Our Berlin fleet  currently consists of  both the Mercedes S320L and S350L as the acceptable minimum standard luxury chauffeur limousine car and the Mercedes S500L for those who require those extra luxurious “must have” features.

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