Berlin Bentley Arnage

Chauffeur Driven Bentley Arnage in Berlin


The Bentley Arnage can be mistaken from afar to be the Rolls-Royce Silver Seraph. The body shape looks same but there are differences in detailing. The Bentley Arnage has less chrome on the bumpers and the Arnage has massive 17-inch five-spoke alloy wheels . The grille, which seems to change shape as you view it from different angles has to be the best bit.

The enormous V8 engine has the ability to reach a maximum speed of a 150mph and accelerating from 0-60 in a whopping 6 seconds but is not always just a mean machine, for it has the luxury of a Rolls Royce and the driving sensation and feel of that of a Porsche 996 Carrera.

bentleyThe Bentley Arnage has little trouble competing with the most expensive car on the market today. This luxurious saloon motor car is about exceptional performance as well as comfort and style. The Bentley Arnage has a strong sense of tradition that is a large part of the car’s appeal. Inside the Bentley Arnage is even more appealing, thanks to the luxurious interior.

Here is what Jeremy Clarkson had to say about the Bentley Arnage
But the best thing about this car – the one thing that oozes from every weld and every handmade stitch and overwhelms all the faults – is the unparalleled sense of occasion it affords. When you climb aboard it’s a bit like climbing into your dinner jacket. It’s uncomfortable and stupid, but there’s a sense that you’re about to do something very special.

And for this pomp alone I would buy the Bentley Arnage like a shot. Because, with the exception of the new Rolls-Royce, which don’t forget is nearly twice the price and even bigger, no other car made today has “it” in such sheer abundance. No other car makes you feel so damn good.



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