Berlin Maybach 62

Mercedes Maybach 62 Chauffeur Limousine Car Hire Berlin

‘ THE MERCEDES MAYBACH 62 – The definition of  luxury chauffeur limousine travel ‘

Berlin Maybach 62 Limousine Side View

There are two Maybachs, the 57 and the 62, both named for the car’s length in meters. Here at Le Tour chauffeur and limousine hire Berlin we use the latter model which is more than 20 feet in length, almost 2 feet longer than a Ford Excursion. The Maybach 57 is meant to be driven by its owner, whereas the Maybach 62 is all about being a passenger in the backseat.

If you had ever been in an American type stretch limo, you know the problem with these cars. They are not engineered from the start to serve the purpose they do, so their proportions are all wrong.True, you get legroom, but you don’t get real comfort.

The Mercedes Maybach 62 was built with solely the passenger in mind and not the chauffeur with design starting in the backseat then moving forward. That is not to say that the driver of the Maybach will miss out on comfort creatures. Even before you climb into one of these fabulous cars this becomes obvious. The rear door is huge and hinges almost to a right angle, so a lady in an evening gown can easily get into a Maybach 62 with very little effort and with hardly any crouching required since the roof of the Maybach is more than 5 feet high.

Where you are sitting has to be one of the most memorable things of all. You are more than five feet from the driver, so the position itself is one of enthroned luxury. This is for real: the Maybach 62 sits a few inches higher than a Mercedes Benz S-Class, so you truly look down on other cars and the view forward seems to be so distant that you can easily ignore the rigmarole of motoring and concentrate on your comfort. The Maybach 62 comes with hidden microphones so you can still communicate with the chauffeur.



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