Berlin Rolls Royce Phantom

Rolls Royce Phantom Chauffeur Limousine Car Hire Berlin

‘ Your first journey in Rolls Royce Phantom will be a  pleasure never to be forgotten’

Rolls Royce Phantom Berlin Side View

Innovation and experimentation have been at the heart of Rolls Royce’s philosophy for more than a century. Driven by the uncompromising quest for perfection instilled by its founder, Sir Henry Royce (born near Peterborough, England on 27th March 1863.) , the company’s enduring commitment to exceptional engineering is best exemplified by its long tradition of’ Experimental cars.

Marrying cutting-edge technology with a beautifully proportioned, muscular body that exudes power and style, it incorporates timeless Rolls Royce design cues in the most contemporary manner.

Rolls Royce limousine cars were bought by the German car manufacturer BMW who began designing an all new world beating car – the Rolls Royce Phantom – which was launched on Jan 1st 2003.

The only car that has probably managed to be equal in its own kind of way to the Phantom today is the Mercedes Maybach 62.

Here is an extract of what Mr Jeremy Clarkson summed the car up as :
I am in no doubt that the Rolls Royce Phantom is the best-engineered car ever made. It does not blind you with gadgets or boggle your mind with speed. It is supremely comfortable, but you can still sense what the front tyres are doing, even from the passenger seat. It is utterly and fabulously exquisite and I have no hesitation in giving it five stars.”





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